Line drawing

Line drawing
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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Photos and Videos from Weekend Rehearsals Before Concert

"Play that funky music, white boy!"
Except in SUWO, you do not have to be white, nor does the music have to be funky.

Greetings, readers of SUWO's blog!

I do apologise for the delay in posting these photos and videos. However, I do assure you that, if you're at all interested in the inner workings of SUWO, that mysterious world of rehearsals that happens behind the closed doors of Firth Hall, then this is well worth the wait.

On with the photos!

a rather grand, centralised view of the orchestra as we set up.

same orchestra, same general setting-up hullabaloo that is customary at the beginning of rehearsal, slightly different angle.

the back of the orchestra, as discretely photographed from the noble position of Horn 4.

brass, playing in the chambers. Or at least, attempting to play. Some of the trombonists gave up and stood up in order to play over the awkward benches. Also notice our music stands, cunningly disguised as benches and book-holders.

Another angle. SUWO's greatest achievement to date: getting all of SUWO, plus most of the instruments, into this room, and not having to take out any awkward tables to do it. for the videos, most of which are us playing various sections of Peter Graham's Windows of the World, and certain amateur filmers might have perhaps forgotten to film us playing other stuff.

Still, enjoy!

Certain select and prestigious members of SUWO and MUWO practising whirlers.

The introduction to the final movement of Windows of the World.

The start of the fourth movement of Windows of the World. This starts with the horns announcing their presence (as horns are wont to do), then the rest of the brass...responding, perhaps? Before filming this one of the trumpeters said "You're going to film us, aren't you?" Well... yeah.

The horn solo in the second movement of Windows of the World. Apologies for the back-of-head-view. Hopefully next year's writers will have seats in the orchestra that are more advantageous for getting photos and videos of everything.

Stay tuned for the next blog post, where we start practising for our amazing tour to Amsterdam!

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