Line drawing

Line drawing
Drawn by the talented Luke Braddock

Thursday, 14 February 2013

And thus begins Spring 2013

Fond greetings to you, readers of SUWO's Blog. It has been a long while.

Last Thursday was our first rehearsal of Spring 2013. After taking an age to move the desks in exam set-up, work out where Tony would most like to conduct from and positioning chairs accordingly, we played some pieces I would call good, others I would call... interesting. Due to our alternative venue, the poor percussionists were without most of their instruments. As a result, they had to do their best percussion impersonations, and we all had to try not to laugh at them. We failed at this so abysmally that the percussionists asked Tony if it would be better for them not to "play". Tony answered, "yes".

We also experienced a little committee switcheroo. With former president Martin Bullock not being a student anymore, Ben Latham was elected to step up and assume the President's chair. Replacing him in the secretary's chair is the lovely Dot Robertson, for these last remaining months before the AGM.

Apologies for the short post. Hopefully there will be a longer one soon.

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