Line drawing

Line drawing
Drawn by the talented Luke Braddock

Monday, 27 February 2012

Rehearsals 1 and 2 - Belated footage

"Learn the notes, then forget them." Could we not just skip Step 1? Surely that would save us some time?

I kid, I kid.

So, now that this blog is up and running, I can post some fabulous fotos of SUWO rehearsing, holding shiny instruments, and listening attentively to Mr. T. Houghton, esq. while he imparts his words of wisdom.

Rehearsal 1 was a good start for us, with us working on a few of the pieces we will be performing for our joint concert with MUWO (henceworth SUWO/MUWO concert, or perhaps just SMUWO). Thanks to the talent that SUWO is most fortunate to possess, the pieces were already sounding pretty good.

Most of the orchestra, from the oh-so-enviable vantage point of the 4th Horn chair.

Two trumpeters and a percussionist sit in a SUWO rehearsal, and the conductor says "What is this? A fanfare?"*

Conductor Gareth Widdowson taking charge while Tony does stuff in the percussion section somewhere to the left.

And finally, a horn fanfare.

Rehearsal 2 started an hour later than normal, thanks to SUWO being their usual generous selves and having select members assist in recordings for our friend Pete Meechan. We again came, rehearsed and conquered.

Exclusive live-action shot of Tony Houghton waving his hand backwards and forwards quickly enough for motion blur to appear.

More and more people holding instruments.

We forever dream to have enough money to buy George a desk one day.

Until next time, when there shall be more photos and, possibly, some rehearsal videos, this is Gillian signing out. :)

*sorry about that.

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