Line drawing

Line drawing
Drawn by the talented Luke Braddock

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Week 4 Rehearsal

"Help me make the music of the night."
... if by 'night' you mean 'epically awesome SUWO/MUWO concert on the 25th tickets 3 pounds for students', and by 'music' you mean... well, 'music'.

We had a good rehearsal this week! Well, we have a good rehearsal every week, but this was a good 'un regardless. We practised Overture for the Mayors of Barton by Anthony Hedges; River Sheaf, the first movement of George Morton's Folk Song Suite; Burn by Peter Meechan (practising it for the first time this week); and Dawn Assault, the second movement of Tails Aus Dem Vood Viennoise by Bill Conner.

Tony telling us to do something. Us, presumably, listening to him.

More of us, presumably, listening to Tony, instruments held bravely in front of them, like deadly weapons for attack.

Some horns, some trumpets, and an organ.

And finally, I present a video of us performing part of River Sheaf. Enjoy, and I'm sorry for the sub-standard audio quality.

Tune in next week, where very similar stuff will probably be said, but there will be a new practise video or two, and maybe even a frontways photo of the orchestra!

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